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Ferovalo launches survey for Interim Managers

It’s time for a check-up.  

What is the current state of Interim Managers in the EU and in the Nordics? This autumn, Ferovalo will check in with the interim management community through the new survey: Interim Manager Pulse 2022. 

Who is the survey for? 

Interim Manager Pulse 2022 is for all freelancing Interim Managers in EU and Nordic countries, including CMOs, CFOs, CLOs, and other relevant roles.  

You don’t have to be a Ferovalo member to take the survey, so it can be shared widely with friends and colleagues throughout the continent.  The survey is also anonymous, so respondents cannot be connected to their answers.

What kind of questions can I expect? 

Like Ferovalo’s past surveys, the Interim Manager Pulse 2022 will contain questions regarding how freelancers find their assignments, length of assignments, and average amount invoiced in a year.  In addition, the survey will ask questions about your current or latest assignment and have a section dedicated to your ideal talent platform.  

Filling out the survey takes about 15 minutes or less and can be filled out on a desktop or mobile devices.  

Where will the results be published? 

The survey will be open for submissions until November 13th and a summary of the results will be published publicly before the end of the year. At the end of the survey, respondents will have the option to request their own copy of the summary by giving their email address. For those who don’t request a copy straight to their inbox, the results will be shared via Ferovalo’s newsletter, social media, and made readily available on Ferovalo’s website.  

Take the survey. Spread the word. 

The pulse of the interim management community is due for a check-up. The Interim Manager Pulse 2022 survey is waiting for your response.  

We hope to hear from you before November 13th. Email with any questions or requests.