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Interim Solutions

Whether you have had an employee leave suddenly or you need the perfect fit to fill a leadership position, we can find a path forward.



6 ways to use an Interim Manager

Executive-level experts for diverse company needs 

Turnaround Management

Turnaround Management

One of the most critical types of interim management is turnaround management. When an organization is grappling with financial or operational distress, an interim manager with expertise in revitalizing struggling businesses steps in. This individual assesses the root causes of the issues, formulates and implements a comprehensive plan, and guides the organization toward stability and growth.

Project Management

Project Management

When organizations undertake significant projects, they often require skilled interim managers to steer them toward successful completion. Project management interim managers possess expertise in planning, executing, and monitoring projects of varying scales and complexities. They ensure that projects are delivered within defined timelines, budgets, and quality parameters, while also mitigating risks and keeping stakeholders engaged.

Change Management

Change Management

In the evolving business world, organizations frequently encounter the need for change management. Interim managers specializing in change management support organizations in navigating transitions brought about by new strategies, technologies, or market dynamics. They facilitate effective communication, manage resistance, and drive the adoption of change initiatives across all levels of the organization.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

During times of crisis, such as product recalls, data breaches, or natural disasters, organizations require swift and decisive action. Crisis management interim managers step in to handle emergencies, minimize damages, and restore normalcy. Their expertise lies in effectively managing crises, coordinating response efforts, and guiding organizations toward recovery.

Gap Management

Gap Management

When key executives are absent due to sabbaticals, extended leaves, or during the recruitment process for permanent replacements, gap management interim managers bridge the leadership void. They ensure continuity, maintain day-to-day operations, and provide strategic guidance during the transition period. These interim managers possess a versatile skill set and adapt quickly to the organizational context.

Growth Management

Growth Management

For organizations poised to expand, interim managers specializing in growth management can be invaluable. These experts help navigate the complexities of scaling up, whether through market expansion, mergers and acquisitions, or launching new products. Growth management interim managers bring strategic insights and hands-on experience to ensure sustainable growth. They align resources, optimize processes, and drive initiatives that position the organization for long-term success.

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The right fit for your talent needs

Each assignment is adjusted to the time and expertise you need. Whether you need an Interim CFO for 2 days a week or a full-time project manager until the completion of a pending task— we can find your perfect fit. 

Types of Talent

"Ferovalo is quick, easy, and has very good candidates."

– Ilona, HR Manager



Experienced talent at your service

Ferovalo draws talent from a pool of over 1500 C-level experts who are members of Best Best Talent Platform.

BBTP Members can browse open assignments anonymously— sharing their information with customers only when they apply to a suitable position. This talent-driven process is what makes BBTP special. It ensures only the most motivated talent applies to each assignment. 

Although Best Best Talent Platform does not have public profiles of its members, you can get an idea of the diverse range of talent at BBTP through the BBTP Blog. The blog highlights BBTP Members and their unique offerings to companies. 



Tomi Kinnunen

Tomi has more than 20 years of experience working with leading Finnish brands. He helps companies in marketing development as an interim manager and consultant.  

Tommi is known for his ability to lead companies through brand transformations with an acute sense of what works. He approaches his work, thinking like a CEO and being human-obsessed. 


Sanna Reunanen

Sanna Reunanen is a dynamic interim manager known for her pioneering work in digital transformation. Her approach to interim management combines a growth mentality, dynamic collaboration, and unwavering honesty, making her a valuable asset to companies navigating change.

Kari & Logo

Kari Nurmi

Kari Nurmi has been an interim manager for more than 12 years and has been working in C-level roles for over 20 years.  Along with B2B trade and international business, Kari specializes in change management. He has managed companies through changes like company turnaround, reorganizing, and result improvement. 


Martti Kouhi

After an 18-year career at Shell spanning roles in finance and project management, Martti Kouhi transitioned to interim management for greater flexibility and new challenges. Leveraging his extensive experience and network, Martti successfully established his own business, focusing on interim CFO and project management roles.


Lauri Vihonen

Lauri is an experienced interim manager, consultant, facilitator, trainer, project manager, and media producer. With expertise in procurement, IT service management, and project leadership, he helps organizations in both the private and public sectors to enhance their business performance. 


Mia Ahlström

Mia Ahlström is a board professional, entrepreneur, and executive management consultant, and she has an extensive career in international management, C-suite and board positions in complex global business environments. 

"I like Ferovalo's method where the talent applies based on their own interest, compared to the traditional model where the task is sold to the talent."

Christer, Board Member



Our Process — An Overview

As a partner of Best Best Talent Platform, Ferovalo acts as a mediator between companies in need of change and the talent that can make it happen. We manage the entire process of finding your best talent, facilitating a hassle-free experience for all parties involved.


Finding the right fit is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.


Our Process — Step By Step


Companies come to us with their talent needs. We help them develop their assignment info and upload all relevant information to the platform. Once the assignment is open on Best Best Talent Platform, qualified candidates may begin to apply.

Candidates will apply to your role within a time frame that works best for your company. Trust us when we say, Ferovalo can be as quick as you like.

We can find a suitable batch of candidates in as little as 5 working days!


When the application period closes, Ferovalo presents the company with the best of the best candidates. All presented candidates are reference-checked by our team before the presentation.

Just in case we missed a hidden gem, you will also be given access to the applications of all qualified applicants. 


After reviewing the candidate’s applications with Ferovalo, the company chooses the top talent for an interview. Based on the interview, the company may then make a selection.

Ferovalo's pricing is transparent and the company is not obligated to form a contract with any of the presented candidates. A contract is only made if and when the company chooses a candidate presented by Ferovalo. When a deal is made, Ferovalo will add 15% on top of the talent's monthly invoice as our service fee. 

"The process is very straightforward. We had several good alternatives of whom after the interview we chose the best one. We got off to a quick start and got results."

– Jari, Strategy Director


Talent you can rely on. 

A service you can trust. 

Ferovalo wears our Trusted Talent Partner badge proudly. As part of Open Assembly's Trusted Talent Partner Program, Ferovalo was rated and recommended as trustworthy by our customers. 

There are a lot of things customers love about Ferovalo, but a few stand out: 

  • — Experience talent... fast!
  • — Reference-checked candidates
  • — Transparent pricing (15% on top of the talent's monthly payment)
  • — Comprehensive liability insurance coverage
  • — Diligent adherence to GDPR
  • — Swift and reliable communication

Want to know more about our Trusted Talent Partner award? 


"For me Ferovalo has been a well organized, pleasant and effective partner. Communications about new projects has been effortless and searches well executed. Contracts matters with Ferovalo are straightforward and communications with them easy. An excellent partner!"

— Bo, COO


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