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Ferovalo is granted a Trusted Talent Partner Award for its reliable and quality service

Ferovalo + T2P


Helping companies find trustworthy talent partners 

With many avenues for finding and hiring talent, it can be difficult to figure out the best support for your company. It can be even harder to find trustworthy help. To highlight the services of trusted providers, Open Assembly is giving awards to talent partners who are highly rated by their customers.  

Ferovalo is honored to accept Open Assembly’s Trusted Talent Partner Award — now proudly displaying the badge on our website.  


What is the Trusted Talent Partner Award? 

In a recent article in Forbes, freelance thought-leader Jon Younger writes, “Freelance customers have needed, for some time, a way to recognize which platforms can be trusted to provide what they promise: qualified, experienced, legally compliant, professional, freelancers who can do, and have demonstrated they can do, what they promise to accomplish.”  

In short, the Trusted Talent Partner Award is a signpost for excellent service. The annual accolade is given to talent providers who have proven their ethical and dependable service.  

While the award is granted by Open Assembly, it is earned through feedback from customers themselves. Open Assembly collects feedback from at least 10 of a talent provider’s previous customers, and a badge is earned only if consistently high scores are received.  


Who is the awarding entity? 

Open Assembly is the organization behind the Trusted Talent Partner Award. Since 2018, they have been bringing together movers and shakers who are passionate about the future of work. Now, they are the leading authority on the open talent economy— finding innovative ways to strengthen platforms and partners that connect companies to freelancers and freelancers to new assignments.  

At the beginning of 2023, the Open Assembly took on a new initiative to help solve the problem of finding trustworthy help. The Trusted Talent Partner Program was designed to make the use of freelancers less daunting by vetting and promoting the work of good talent providers.  


What does the Trusted Talent Partner Award say about Ferovalo? 

According to the Trusted Talent Partner Program lead, Tom Matthews, “When you go to a talent provider’s webpage and see the TTP award, that means you are in good hands. The badge represents a stamp of approval from those who have experienced the work first-hand — the company’s customers.” 

When giving feedback for the Trusted Talent Partner Program, previous customers rated Ferovalo’s service on a scale from 0 (low) to 10 (high) according to 13 different statements. These statements ranged from “Ferovalo responds promptly to client inquiries.” to “Ferovalo operates ethically and professionally and have earned my trust.” 

Not only did Ferovalo receive an average of 7.5 or higher in response to each statement, but  Ferovalo had higher averages than other providers in the Trusted Talent Partner Program in 10 out of 13 categories.  

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Ferovalo’s Founder and Managing Director, Elina Liehu, exudes gratitude when reflecting on the results; “One thing that came through in the feedback was an appreciation for the quality of the talent we represent. At Ferovalo, we always strive to go the extra mile. One strong candidate is not enough in our eyes. We always want to give the customer the challenge of choosing between several excellent options. It is great to get recognition for that. ”  

Besides excellent scores, Open Assembly was impressed by the swift response of Ferovalo’s customers. Ferovalo had an initial meeting with Tom Matthews from Open Assembly at the beginning of June, and all 10 survey submissions were completed before midsummer. Despite busy schedules and pre-holiday deadlines, previous companies were able to see the value in this process and make the survey a priority.  

“I think the speed with which Ferovalo was able to get clients to respond to the survey goes to show how strong the customer/provider relationship is...” says Ferovalo’s Community Manager, Leah Martin. “...The extreme care and personal touch that the team dedicates to each client and their need is definitely something that sets Ferovalo apart. Then that’s combined with the easy digital process of Best Best Talent Platform, and you have the best of both worlds.” 


What does the Trusted Talent Partner Award mean for Ferovalo and Best Best Talent Platform? 

As the first recipient in the Nordics, Ferovalo is proud to represent a talent-rich and value-driven region. More than an honor, the Trusted Talent Partner Award has acted as a catapult for Ferovalo; The feedback collected from customers has been utilized in plans for service improvement (there is always room to grow!) and further connected Ferovalo to an international community of like-minded companies.  

Ferovalo is the Finland-based partner for Best Best Talent Platform. Thus, the award has impacted BBTP as well. As more partners join BBTP, it will be important that they also go through the Trusted Talent Partner Program and earn their own stamp of approval.  

Once again, Ferovalo is honored to accept Open Assembly’s Trusted Talent Partner Award for 2023. With only a few months to go before the new year, we are eager to turn the TTP process into an annual event — contributing to our continuous practice of development so that we can please customers for years to come.  


Curious to know more about Open Assembly and the Trusted Talent Partner Program?  


Ready to dig even further into Ferovalo’s survey results? 

In the coming weeks, Ferovalo will be sharing feedback from customers who took part in the Trusted Talent Partner Program. Stay tuned to Ferovalo’s LinkedIn page for results from the survey.  


In need of Ferovalo’s trusted service? 

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