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Board Services

Need help to fill a seat on your board? We will find the right fit, fast. 



The right fit for your needs

Board Director

Board Director

Leadership is crucial to board success. Steer your company towards success with a Board Director who brings strategic vision and governance expertise. At Ferovalo, we connect you with experienced leaders ready to guide your organization's growth and ensure robust oversight.

Board Member

Board Member

Enhance your board's capabilities with a Board Member matched by Ferovalo. Our candidates offer diverse skills and insights to support your strategic initiatives and strengthen your company's leadership.

advisory board

Advisory Board Member

Gain valuable insights and industry-specific advice with an Advisory Board Member from Ferovalo. Our experts provide guidance and innovative solutions to help you navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities.

Got an immediate need?


Our Process — An Overview

As a partner of Best Best Talent Platform, Ferovalo acts as a mediator between companies in need of change and the talent that can make it happen. We manage the entire process of finding the best board professional for your needs, facilitating a hassle-free experience for all parties involved.


"I like Ferovalo's method where the talent applies based on their own interest, compared to the traditional model where the task is sold to the talent."

Christer, Board Member



Our Process — Step By Step


To get started, describe your ideal candidate to Ferovalo, along with any other details about the role. With your team, define your company strategy, current board competencies, desired competencies, and board compensation decided by the annual meeting. 

After this initial communication, our team will post the assignment on our talent platform and our expert members will be alerted about the opening; Best Best Talent Platform has over 1500 members, many of whom are top-tier board professionals in Finland. Candidates will apply to your role within a time frame that works best for your company.

Suitable candidates can be found in as little as 5 working days! 


Once the application period has ended, Ferovalo will present the top candidates to you. All top candidates are reference-checked by our team before the presentation. Just in case we missed a hidden gem, you will also be given access to the applications of all other qualified applicants. 

After reviewing the candidates with the Ferovalo team, you will have the opportunity to conduct interviews. If you want to meet one or more presented candidates, Ferovalo will book interviews with those selected. 


When interviews conclude, it is time for you to make the best decision for your company. Whether you want to move forward with one, two, or none of the candidates— Ferovalo is ready to support you.

Ferovalo's pricing for finding board members is transparent and affordable. 

Need to fill a board seat... fast? No problem!

Ferovalo can be as speedy as you like. We have even been known to find qualified board candidates in less than 5 working days.


Experienced talent for your company's specific needs

Ferovalo draws talent from a pool of over 1500 C-level experts who are Best Best Talent Platform members.

BBTP Members can browse open assignments anonymously— sharing their information with customers only when they apply to a suitable position. This talent-driven process is what makes BBTP special. It ensures only the most motivated talent apply to your assignment

Although Best Best Talent Platform does not have public profiles of its members, you can get an idea of the diverse range of talent at BBTP through the BBTP Blog. The blog highlights BBTP Members and their unique offerings to companies. 



Berit Virtanen-Thewlis

Berit has a diverse and international professional background, spanning journalism, public relations, entrepreneurship, and corporate leadership. Berit’s expertise lies in leveraging communication and storytelling to navigate complex situations and enhance manageability in boards and leadership teams. She has a knack for swiftly assessing conditions, exploring alternative progress models, and coaching in evolving communication environments.


Jari Nenonen

Jari Nenonen's journey in the world of business governance and leadership spans several decades. His insights and attitude have made him a respected figure as a board professional in Finland. As a board professional, he brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience— specializing in strategy consulting and mergers & acquisitions, while providing a well-rounded and agile leadership style to all board initiatives.  


Mia Ahlström

Mia Ahlström is a board professional, entrepreneur, and executive management consultant. She has an extensive career in international management, C-suite, and board positions in complex global business environments. With over 30 years of management and leadership experience and over 10 years as a member of the Board of Directors, Mia has gained extensive knowledge from both sides of the Board table.

Quality talent. Transparent pricing. 

Ferovalo Terminology


Ferovalo presents candidates who have applied to your board position and whose references have been checked before the presentation.

If the owner chooses one or more candidates for an interview, we will charge €1,800 + VAT.

If at least one person is elected to the board from the interviewed candidates, we will send another invoice for €1,800 + VAT.

In total, you pay a maximum of €3,600 + VAT, regardless of how many members from among the proposed candidates are appointed to the your board.


Board Consulting Service

If you want support in developing your board, Ferovalo offers a board consulting service. 

The price of the service starts at 1800 € + VAT. Contact our team to discuss your specific needs. 

empty seat

Talent you can rely on. 

A service you can trust. 

Ferovalo wears our Trusted Talent Partner badge proudly. As part of Open Assembly's Trusted Talent Partner Program, Ferovalo was rated and recommended as trustworthy by our customers. 

There are a lot of things customers love about Ferovalo, but a few stand out: 

  • — Experience talent... fast!
  • — Reference-checked candidates
  • — Transparent pricing (15% on top of the talent's monthly payment)
  • — Comprehensive liability insurance coverage
  • — Diligent adherence to GDPR
  • — Swift and reliable communication

Want to know more about our Trusted Talent Partner award? 

"For me Ferovalo has been a well organized, pleasant and effective partner. Communications about new projects has been effortless and searches well executed. Contracts matters with Ferovalo are straightforward and communications with them easy. An excellent partner!"

— Bo, COO


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