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Success Story: MITTA

5/5 stars from Mitta Oy for their match with interim expert Sari Kaikkonen!


MITTA gives Ferovalo 5 out of 5 stars


The perfect solution in only one week. 


In April, 2023, MITTA reached out to Ferovalo with an interim need. They needed a Business Controller to develop and support their financial department for 6 months.

The assignment was posted on Best Best Talent Platform and expert members began to apply. Within one week, Ferovalo presented a selection of suitable candidates and Sari Kaikkonen was chosen for the position.

Sari Kaikkonen has more than twenty years experience in finance and leadership positions both in Finland and other Nordic countries. Her specialties in finance and business controlling made her the perfect fit for the position. 

Throughout the 6 months at MITTA, Sari proved herself to be a worthwhile team member. She applied deep analysis and business development skills and exceeded the expectations of the assignment.    

“Sari was a valuable resource to us.”

MITTA was so happy with Sari's results that they gave Ferovalo and BBTP a 5 out of 5-star rating. They appreciated that Ferovalo was able to find such talent so quickly.

MITTA plans to reach out to Ferovalo in the future when they need an experienced freelancing expert for another quick and deep analysis.

Finding the right match is made fast and easy with Ferovalo. 


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