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Success Story: Finnforel

5/5 stars from Finnforel for their match with interim expert Timo Kiviniemi!


Finnforel Reference


Finding a swift and successful solution. 


Finnforel farms rainbow trout using recirculating water technology (RAS) to keep the waters and environment clean. In August 2023, Finnforel was in search of a hands-on finance expert for an interim role. They sought Ferovalo's assistance to facilitate the right match. 
Finnforel's project-based task was clearly defined. To keep within their normal financial reporting cycle, they needed interim assistance fast! The Ferovalo Team was able to quickly open a call for a skilled financial specialist and interim experts began applying through Best Best Talent Platform
Within a few short days, several excellent candidates applied to the open assignment, but one person's expertise suited the role best. Timo Kiviniemi was chosen for the position and began working on the assigned task soon after.  
Timo was tasked with getting certain financial and production processes to the finish line within a relatively quick schedule. His work was efficient and meticulous. Finnforel praises Timo for the successful execution of his task. He saved the company time and paved the way for a new permanent Business Controller. 
Finnforel gave BBTP and Ferovalo a 5 out of 5-star rating for finding them the right fit for their short-term role. Tanja Pitko, CFO of Finnforel, says: 

"This was the perfect solution for our needs."


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