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Success Story: Korkeasaari Zoo

Q&A with Sanna Hellström, Director and CEO of Korkeasaari Zoo

Sanna Hellström, CEO of Korkeasaari Zoo
Sanna Hellström, CEO of Korkeasaari Zoo
Photo by Annika Sorjonen (2020), Korkeasaari Zoo

Q: Sanna, you have recently used Ferovalo’s service to find an Interim Manager for your company. To start our conversation, how do you describe your company?

A: Our industry, as we all know, is the zoo. We have around 80 personnel working for us with an average budget of 10 million euros.  

Q: Please describe the challenge that you needed Interim Manager for. 

A: We needed project management for renewing our tropical house and did not have enough resources in-house. The schedule and workload were not precise. 

Q: How has the use of an Interim Manager benefited your company?  

A: We were able to get project management quickly and easily.   

Q: Would you recommend Ferovalo for projects that need a quick and/or temporary solution? 

A: Yes, Of course 

Q: In your opinion, what are the advantages? 

A: It’s really, super easy. Especially in a situation when you are not in need of new full-time staff. 

Q: In your opinion and based on your experience, what kind of situations would you use as an Interim Manager in the future?  

A: Interim Managers are best suitable with indefinite projects. It also reduces the cumbersome process of recruitment.   

Q: In our opinion, Ferovalo’s process is quite unique in its transparency and speed. How did Ferovalo’s process work for you? 

A: Very well. 

Q: What stood out in the process?

A: It was quick and Ferovalo was active. I did not have to look after their process.   

The Ferovalo team thanks Sanna Hellström and Korkeasaari Zoo for the successful collaboration and for the kind reference.

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