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The results of Interim Manager Pulse 2022

The purpose of the Interim Pulse initiative is to measure the current status of the freelancing interim management community in the Nordics and in Europe. The online survey was taken by freelancing Interim Managers based in these areas. It was open from the 29th of September to the 14th of November, 2022, and received 138 respondents.

Below is a summary of the results that are given on page 4 of the full report. You will also find a button to view and download the full report.

Summary of Results

With 138 respondents, Interim Manager Pulse 2022 had the highest response rate since Ferovalo’s first survey in 2018.

Like our previous surveys, the majority of respondents came from Finland (85%) and considered themselves experts in management (77.54%) with a wide variety of specialties.

One area of change has been a rising level of expertise. Almost 1/4th of survey respondents have been freelancing in their field for over 10 years, a sharp increase from 2018.

In 2020 and 2021, Ferovalo’s surveys focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, with a large emphasis on remote work. In 2022, the average percentage of remote work was 62.85%. Despite the remaining presence of remote work, over 70% of respondents’ current (or latest) assignment is located in the same country they live in.

Interim Manager Pulse 2022 found that, for many, talent platforms go hand in hand with finding interim management assignments. However, there are still many freelancers who are skeptical about their usefulness and find success without them. Almost 35% of respondents said they are not registered for any platforms at all and nearly 50% of respondents found their last assignment through an existing contact (or networking) rather than a platform.

When it comes to a talent platform, the clear majority believe that the best platform is the one that gets them a relevant assignment. The IM community is full of experts that are motivated and eager to take on their next challenge.