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In Forbes | Interim management is a growing opportunity in the freelance revolution

Ferovalo was recently mentioned in a Forbes article by Jon Younger, PhD. The article reflected on the results of a study on Interim Managers in Europe.

“Three key business challenges dominate interim assignments. An interesting analysis described the top business issues interims were asked to address in their last assignment. The top challenges were change management, project execution and process transformation. New business development was also frequently mentioned These results are consistent with the findings of last year, where almost half the work of interims focused on transformational challenges. ”

Another finding from the study: “One new and important trend is worth noting. A far greater supply of retired executive, part of the talent tsunami, are interested in joining the interim ranks.” These high-caliber talents are not interested in employment but are willing to take the helm in projects of change.

In times of change and turbulence, over-qualified talent will help your organization succeed.

Ferovalo has 1300+ highly experienced freelancer talents and with our digitalized process we find you help in as little as a few days.

Forbes: Interim Management Is A Growing Opportunity In The Freelance Revolution by Jon Younger, PhD.

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