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Interim Management: Exploring different types and their impact

Interim management has emerged as a dynamic solution for organizations facing leadership gaps and challenges that require immediate attention.   

When the need arises for experienced professionals to step in temporarily, various types of interim management come into play. In this blog post, we will delve into different types of interim management and shed light on how they provide invaluable support to organizations in times of transition, crisis, or change. 




Turnaround Management 

One of the most critical types of interim management is turnaround management. When an organization is grappling with financial or operational distress, an interim manager with expertise in revitalizing struggling businesses steps in. This individual assesses the root causes of the issues, formulates and implements a comprehensive plan, and guides the organization toward stability and growth.

Project Management 

When organizations undertake significant projects, they often require skilled interim managers to steer them toward successful completion. Project management interim managers possess expertise in planning, executing, and monitoring projects of varying scales and complexities. They ensure that projects are delivered within defined timelines, budgets, and quality parameters, while also mitigating risks and keeping stakeholders engaged.

Change Management 

In the evolving world of business, organizations frequently encounter the need for change management. Interim managers specializing in change management support organizations in navigating transitions brought about by new strategies, technologies, or market dynamics. They facilitate effective communication, manage resistance, and drive the adoption of change initiatives across all levels of the organization.

Crisis Management 

During times of crisis, such as product recalls, data breaches, or natural disasters, organizations require swift and decisive action. Crisis management interim managers step in to handle emergencies, minimize damages, and restore normalcy. Their expertise lies in effectively managing crises, coordinating response efforts, and guiding organizations toward recovery.

Gap Management

When key executives are absent due to sabbaticals, extended leaves, or during the recruitment process for permanent replacements, gap management interim managers bridge the leadership void. They ensure continuity, maintain day-to-day operations, and provide strategic guidance during the transition period. These interim managers possess a versatile skill set and adapt quickly to the organizational context.



Interim management encompasses a range of specialized roles tailored to meet the diverse needs of organizations.


Whether it's addressing financial distress, executing crucial projects, managing change, handling crises, or filling temporary leadership gaps, interim managers bring extensive experience and expertise to the table. Their ability to hit the ground running, provide stability, and drive positive outcomes makes them invaluable assets for organizations navigating challenging times.

If your organization is grappling with a specific challenge or undergoing a critical transition, considering the appropriate type of interim management can be a strategic move toward success. By leveraging the right expertise, organizations can effectively position themselves for future growth and resilience.


Have a challenge that crosses over multiple types of interim management? 

No worries! In fact, most cases involve two or more categories. BBTP has a diverse pool of talent with experience handling complex situations. For examples of our talent, see BBTP's Member Spotlights: including Kari Nurmi (change specialist and jack of all trades) and Mikko Sillanpää (crisis communicator and PR specialist). 


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