A company's success is based on the competence of its management and experts. They bring Operational Competence to where it is needed. We believe that a growing number o f experienced, competent talents have become independent who are ready to help companies in their needs. Ferovalo’s service helps our customers find the right competence for just their needs, full- or part time.

Interim Managers/Operational Competences will help your company move to the next level of operational competence. They bring about changes, boost productivity and skills in an organization’s change situation and raise the competence level of organizations.

Competence in a company is a crucial matter to the shareholders, board and management of the company. Independent talent is also a growing flexible asset for HR to bridge competence and continuity in a variety of situations.


We have a platform where independent talents are registered as members. Our customers send Ferovalo info about their assignment and needs.

will then inform our members of this assignment.  Our members who are motivated and interested will apply through our system. This is where Ferovalo’s process differs from others – selection of assignments is entirely up to the candidates. For our matchmaking we use human intelligence.

Our candidates will apply for the assignment through our system, explaining their motivation, relevant experience and key skills pertinent to the assignment. They will provide a CV tailored specifically for this assignment. They will be required to provide references relevant to the position. Ferovalo will then present suitable candidates, whose references have been checked, to the customer. If the search is anonymous, our candidates will be presented anonymously to ensure fairness.

After reviewing the candidate’s applications and CV’s the customer then chooses suitable candidates for an interview. Based on the interview the customer will then make the selection.

The contract parties in an assignment are between Ferovalo and the customer and Ferovalo and the independent talent’s company. When an assignment starts Ferovalo will invoice the customer monthly, based on the agreed cost structure. The candidates will then invoice Ferovalo. Pricing is fully transparent and Ferovalo will add a 15% margin on top of the candidate’s rate and this will be the price our customer pays.

The quality of our service and confidence of our customers and Ferovalo members is the cornerstone of our business.

The timetable of the process depends on requested competence and the customer’s timetable, typically from a single day to a week. After a candidate is selected, Ferovalo will handle all contract administration.

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Interim Manager transparent process Vuokrajohtaja prosessi muutos


When you have a need for Independent Talent, please fill this form and we will contact you and after checking with you all the detail publish the assignment to our members.

You may choose if your organization name is visible or will the need announced to our members anonymously. If the company name is not shown, we will present candidates anonymous.

We ask you to give meeting times when we will present candidates to you. Typically meeting takes 1,5-2 hours, and depending the urgency it may be as fast as 2 working days when we present to you candidates who are interested in your project, ready to start in your timetable and we have checked their references.

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When a key person leaves, a stand-in manager is needed to fulfill the role or render additional substance to the role as needed. Independent Talents can be either a part or full-time resource. An experienced professional is a guarantee that a job will be done well. Independent Talents are highly qualified and are very experienced in their fields.

We at Ferovalo have a database of 700+ people. We have the best talents for your most crucial roles. Sometimes your company finds itself in an unexpected situation. There may be a sudden change in the business environment or changes have not been fully appreciated and there is a need for a quick turnaround. In such situations a turnaround manager may be needed to make the necessary changes. This kind of situation is often best handled by an Independent Talent.

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A boss has the title. A leader has he people.


Having the right people in the right places is critical. As organizations become more innovative and their business models evolve, there can be a need to jumps-start the process using Independent Talent who have helped other businesses in similar situations and can leverage their transformation experience.

Independent Talent reform an organization and pave the way for permanent recruits. An experienced Independent Talent can bring about significant changes without disrupting the culture or structure of their organization. For example, an Independent Talent in the startup scene will complete a specific piece of work with no equity requirement. There are also situations when it would be unnecessary a make a permanent appointment for example, where a role will not actually exist in 1-2 years’ time.

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If not us, who? If not now, when?


During a rapid growth phase specific and different competences are needed that may not be internally available. Instead of hiring, an Independent Talent is a more flexible alternative. A wide range of experience and competence is needed to manage growth successfully. In hiring an Independent Talent you can have the services of someone who is overqualified and thus very effective. This competence can be used part time to leverage the strategy and actions needed to grow your company.

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Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out


When your organization takes on a new challenge or you need to do something novel, it is often difficult to find the right competencies internally. In these situations an Independent Talent is an asset. Taking aboard someone with previous experience of similar challenges ensures that you reach the goals set out for your project. Any project that is one-of-a-kind or transitional, benefits from an experienced outsider’s steady hand at the helm. These kinds of situations are for example mergers and acquisitions, IT projects, legal issues requiring organizational changes.

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The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.



An Interim Manager can be brought in to improve recruitment processes. Depending on the size of companies there is a difference how competence is acquired and retained, channels, techniques etc. A state of the art plan drawn up a few years ago can be obsolete in a new environment. An outside view of the situation, free of any alliances or legacy can be an asset when implementing sensitive plans or inventing new incentive schemes. Developing these kinds of systems means always extra effort and thus the need for resources.


If a crisis hits it will take the full effort of the full top management and communications. This situation can be eased by an experienced right hand person to handle the day to day crisis management. A product launch or other project that takes up all the effort of the marcomms team. And extra pair of hands can manage the situation hands on and relieve the strain on your team. SMB’s that do not have a dedicated communications team but need it from time to time, can use an Interim Manager in strategic communications and marketing efforts to get results and things done quickly and efficiently.

Marketing +

When your team needs a fresh, new kind of thinking to kickstart your re-branding, product launches, new marketing initiatives, digital marketing or social media, an Interim Manager can bring that altered perspective to get things going. Any overhaul of your organization, goals or marketing tools benefits from a fresh perspective on things and out-of-the-box thinking. An outsider can bring in new ideas and practices. An interim Marketing Executive is free of the normal constraints of corporate culture.

Sales/customer experience

Growth needs extra resources. Managing customers experience can also require an outside perspective. Building a new market needs more sales. Getting new initiatives rolling requires new kinds of expertise and more resources than you may have readily available from within your organization. Building a new market is always a project where broader and deeper experience may be needed. Fresh customer insight needs data and novel ideas. Get help, get the tools you need, get an Interim Manager.


CFOs are becoming more and more future oriented. To be able to forecast and anticipate future efficiently, you need a resource to bolster your present team. Finance and IT are often intertwined and can be outside the scope of more traditional CFO’s. IPO’s and new investors or other financial transactions often need an impartial professional to support the existing team. International growth brings new challenges to your financial department. Mergers and Acquisitions need always an extra focus and dedicated resources in the organization.


IT is the traditional domain of Interim Managers and experts. Rolling out news systems or applications need expertise not readily available. It can also be a pre-procurement assignment, advising the organization in purchasing and tendering. An Interim Manager is not a consultant but a dedicated member of your team and takes part in decision-making. Digitalization affects the whole organization. An outsider with a clear understanding of the concept and the aims without prior ties to the organization can tackle this process more efficiently.


“It was surprising how many great candidates were motivated about our need and in such short time. It was only four days from my contact with Ferovalo after they presented CVs of candidates”

– Managing Director of company in change situation, TO: 25 M €, personnel 75

“Ferovalo’s process is very quick and their way of working very effective. They are also nice to co-operate. As investor for several start-up and growth businesses I value great the competence that was found through Ferovalo”

– Start-up Board Director / Investor

“I have seen Interim Management use in Sweden, and it is great to see that service is now landed to Finland. I especially like Ferovalo’s open approach to communicate prices and margin.”

– CFO who has done Interim Management positions in Sweden and Finland

“Let’s hope that buying customers learn fast true value of experienced competence that is taken in to organization for certain need.”

- Experienced Interim HR manager

"I had met Elina for the first time just a few weeks before I received the first really interesting assignment description from Ferovalo. I applied for the assignment and was soon invited to meet with the assignor. We found each other immediately and entered into contract negotiations with Ferovalo. Within a few iterations we had signed and the assignment started immediately. During the assignment we had contact a few times with Elina, and she also helped in extending the assignment term as was desired by the assignor. Ferovalo works in an exceptionally transparent and smooth manner, which I appreciate a lot."

– Member – Christoffer Wasastjerna

“Ferovalo’s way of doing things is very human, and I like transparency.”

– Experienced business consultant, digitalization

“For me Ferovalo has been a well organized, pleasant and effective partner. Communications about new projects has been effortless and searches well executed. Interviews very very quick through email with very quick responses. Contracts matters with Ferovalo are straightforward and communications with them easy. An excellent partner!”

– Bo Lönnqvist, COO Space Nation

“The process is very straightforward. We had several good alternatives of whom after the interview we chose the best one. We got off to a quick start and got results.”

– Jari Aalto-Setälä, customer