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Finding competent board members has never been easier!

One of the key factors to a company's success is a competent board.

This is why Ferovalo has a fast and easy service to help you build one. We help you find the best board professionals from a broad range of competent candidates. Our mission is to make your company succeed by filling your open seat with the right person.

Read on to find out all about our Competent Board Service. 


Start finding the candidate of your dreams. 

To get started with Ferovalo's Competent Board Service, you simply need to imagine the ideal candidate. With your team, define your company strategy, its current board competencies, desired competencies, and board compensation decided by the annual meeting. Then, describe your ideal candidate to Ferovalo, along with any other details about the role. 

After this initial communication, our team will post the position on our talent platform and our expert members will be alerted about the opening; Best Best Talent Platform has over 1300 members, many of whom are top-tier board professionals in Finland. Candidates will apply to your role within a time frame that works best for your company.

Need to fill a seat... fast? No problem! Ferovalo can be as speedy as you like. We have even been known to find qualified candidates in less than 5 working days. 

Once the application period has ended, Ferovalo will present the candidates to you. You will be given an in-depth look at the top candidates (all top candidates are reference-checked by our team before the presentation). Just in case we missed a hidden gem, you will also be given access to the applications of all those who applied. Everything up to this point is provided free of cost. 

After reviewing the candidates, if you want to meet one or more, the cost is 1800 € + VAT. If you decide to move forward, Ferovalo will book interviews with those selected so you can meet before any final decision is made.

When interviews conclude, it is time for you to make the best decision for your company. Whether this means moving forward with one, two, or none of the candidates— Ferovalo is ready to support you. 

For successful matches, the flat fee is an additional 1800 € + VAT. This means that if you choose one or more candidates for your board position, the total fee is 3600 € + VAT. If you do not find what you are looking for after the interviews, you pay only 1800 € + VAT. 

Ferovalo has had over 100% placement rate through our service thus far, with at least one board member being appointed to the board with each company we have worked with. Company decision-makers have praised the high level of candidates and the ease of Ferovalo's service. 


Ready to get started with our Competent Board Service?

Get in touch with Ferovalo's Managing Director about your need. 


Elina Liehu

+358 40 564 7441


Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ section below. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Does Ferovalo also offer the Competent Board Service for Advisory Board positions?

Yes! The process and price from Ferovalo are the same. Just make sure to tell us your budget so that can be included in the position description. Compensation for advisory board work can be invoiced by the selected board member's company as salary, and taxed according to Finnish regulations.  

What if our company is looking for more than one board member at the same time? Can we select multiple candidates?

Yes, you can and the price invoiced from Ferovalo will remain the same whether you select one or more candidates: 3600 € + VAT in total. From our perspective, the amount of our work remains the same and we are happy when you get as much as possible from our service. 

Can we arrange an anonymous application process? 

Yes! On Best Best Talent Platform, all members are anonymous until they apply for an open assignment and anonymity can be arranged in the first round of the application process (before the interview stage). We understand that anonymous processes can reduce bias and we are happy to facilitate this process as best we can for companies who request it. 

What type of talent can I expect to apply for the role?

Best Best Talent Platform is a hub of expert talent — including those qualified for C-level positions (CEO, CFO, CMO, etc), interim management roles, and board leadership. The platform is talent-driven, which means each member decides whether or not they wish to apply and we cannot guarantee any specific person will apply. However, some examples of our members with board expertise can be found in the BBTP's news area. 

For example, member spotlights featuring board professional, Jari Nenonen, and board consultant, Berit Virtanen-Thewlis


Does Ferovalo offer a board consulting service as well?

Yes, we do. If you want support, for example, defining the competencies needed for your board or developing a selection process, our team is ready to assist. Depending on the need, the price starts at 1800 € + VAT.

I am a board professional. How can I apply for open positions?

If you are a board professional or another expert-level talent, you are welcome to head over to the Best Best Talent Platform website and find more information on becoming a member. 


Have any more questions?