Freelancing, the new normal

Are you ready to embrace freelancers? It’s the new trend in organizational structure!  For businesses, the key to withstanding these […]

Liability Coverage Insurance

Above is the recording of the webinar conducted by Fervalo on Liability coverage and private sector benefits provided by iF […]

Reasons to use Interim Managers

Reasons to use Interim managers Today’s world is full of rapidly growing daily challenges. The effect of crisis or changing market, challenge companies repeatedly. If optimal crisis management […]

How are you? Pulse 3/2021 vs 6/2020

Survey: Prolonged remote working adversely affects interim managers and freelance experts work A survey conducted with interim managers and freelance […]

Ferovalo Open House Feb 2021

Community is one of the important and intrinsic parts of any organization. Ferovalo believes in growing a strong positive ecosystem […]

On Demand Work Force

On Demand Work Force   In the age of labor shortages, rapid automation, and digital transformation, companies are confronting a growing talent problem, leading to […]

Forbes gigeconomy

Ferovalo Featured in Forbes

Thank you Jon Younger PhD for great discussion about Interim Management, freelancing work and gig economy in change situations and C-level […]