You can register in Ferovalo’s system in absolute confidence. No one will know you have registered and it will always be your decision whether or not to apply for a position. When you register you can tell us about your expertise, which roles, sectors and locations might interest you. When a new position is posted that matches your criteria, you will be sent an email notification and you can decide if you would like to apply.

Application will be through Ferovalo system or directly to the company depending on the client’s choice. We will not share, nor send out, any information about you to any third party without your express permission to do so via an application for a specific role.

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It only takes a few minutes to register and become a member of our network and our news. To become a fully-fledged individual candidate you need to register with Ferovalo in the SYSTEM. After registration you are eligible for assignments posted with Ferovalo.

By registering on Ferovalo’s database you will be able to receive email notifications of all Interim Management assignments and Board Member searches that are interested in. Ferovalo will also send you invitations to events.

We operate in the strictest confidence and your information will not be submitted to anyone unless you have specifically applied for that position.

You can create several CVs in the Ferovalo system and save them under different names. You can also print them by downloading a PDF of your CV and use them freely as you choose. By creating your CV in our system, you make sure that potential customers will receive a standard uniform format CV, a feature much praised by our corporate customers. If the customer’s search is anonymous, we will supply the customer with anonymized candidate CVs, just because its fair that way.

Instructions for registration – The registration has a two-tier authentication and will require an activation:

We recommend to use latest Google Chrome for the best experience on our site

Stage 1: Register URL:

Stage 2 : A message will appear in your inbox with a link prompting to change your password.

Stage 3: A message to your inbox with a link to activation. Fill in the required fields and your registration will proceed.


If you do not receive an email, please check your trash. Your account will not be activated unless the process is completed correctly.

After registration you can log on to our system.

Login URL:

If you have any questions about the system or you need help, please send a message to:

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As a member of our network you will receive invitations to interesting professional development and social events. You will also have an opportunity to advantage of relevant services at special rates.

This is a premium service for professionals and experts. It is a channel to receive interesting assignments and more opportunities professionally. Would you like to be part of this group of professionals?  We have a constant flow of interesting assignments you do not want to miss. You will also be able to secure tailored training and seminars.

Our system is a solution for keeping your CV’s up to date. You can use your CV’s created in our system in other recruitment processes.

To become a part of this exciting new network, all you have to do is to register and submit your CV or CVs. The process is straightforward and you will be guided all the way.

As an independent professional, our network offers you added value on many fronts. We are an additional channel to market your expertise and we offer a constant flow of interesting openings that you would not otherwise come across.

We are a thriving network of fellow high level professionals with regular get-togethers and events organized for professional development and networking. We have agreements with several companies to provide our members with professional and personal services at a favorable rate.

Registering with Ferovalo is also a tool to keep your CVs updated and versioned for different searches. Your CVs in Ferovalo’s system is also available for your use in PDF format.

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Our pricing is member-driven. Each assignment is priced by our members and the pricing can vary from one assignment to another. Ferovalos pricing is fully transparent and we will add a 15% margin on top of the candidate’s rate and this will be the price our customer pays.

Ferovalo develops the business model of Independet Talents and surveys the market annually with an Independent Talent Survey that gathers information about for example the compensation levels in the business. This is to help our members better position and valuate their talent in the market. You can find the 2018 Survey results summary here.

Ferovalo will help you set your price, if you require assistance.

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Ferovalo Platform Guide
Who can see the CV's?

Ferovalo’s system and process is based on confidentiality. We present to customer only CVs with motivation candidate has written. If our customer’s request is anonymous, we present to them anonymous CV. Just because it is fair. It is important that members use CV generated by our CVTool in order we are able to generate anonymous CV.

Can I use CVs created by CVTool in my other needs?

Yes, you can save various CVs as member and download these in pdf-format in any of your personal use. We respect the time you spend in creating CVs and hope you use our system to keep your CV always updated.

Why in some board competent cases members contact directly company representatives?

We believe in Ferovalo that in any size of company should have competent board. However, the company in start-up phase may select self-service option and save costs by doing most of the process themselves.

Can I get a notification of new assignment possibilities?

When member does registration to system, it is required to fill email and telephone. Members should also select the interest areas of seniority level, region, function and industry and based on this info information about new assignment or board position is emailed to all interested members.

Can I get a notification when an assignment is filled?

Ferovalo informs all candidates through selection process.

What is the cost to be member?

Ferovalo do not charge any cost from its’ members, instead we try to create different benefits you may find interesting.

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