Sanna Hellström, Director and CEO of Korkeasaari zoo

Sanna Hellström, Director and CEO of Korkeasaari Zoo spoke to the team of Ferovalo. It was indeed an informative and enriching experience. I would like to thank her for taking out time and answering all the questions.  

To start with our conversation Hanna can you describe your company. 

Ans: Our industry as we all know is the Zoo. We have around 80 personnel working for us with an average budget of 10 million euros.  

Please describe what was the challenge that you needed Interim Manager? 

Ans: We needed project management for renewing our tropical house and did not have enough resources in-house. The schedule and workload were not precise. 

Is it possible for you to publish the length of projects in months, workload (100% or other), and the project timeline? 

Ans: Yes! It is always possible to publish the workload and project timeline.   

How has the use of an Interim Manager benefited your company?  

Ans: We were able to get project management quickly and easily.   

Would you recommend Ferovalo for projects that need a quick and/or temporary solution? 

 Ans: Yes, Of course 

In your opinion, what are the advantages? 

It’s really, super easy. Especially in a situation, when you are not in need of new full-time staff. 

In your opinion and based on your experience, what kind of situations would you use as an Interim Manager in the future?  

Ans: Interim Managers are best suitable with indefinite projects. It also reduces the cumbersome process of recruitment.   

Ferovalo’s process is quite unique (in our opinion) in its’ transparency and speed. Few questions how you feel about it; 

  • How did Ferovalo’s process work for you? Very well 
  • What stood out in the process? It was quick and Ferovalo was active and I did not have to look after their process   

Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your help and believe strongly that we will all pull through this together and continue our success in the futureAnd of course, if your team is now overloaded with work for example in finance, business control, HR and communication – I am very confident that from our members we could find help for you.