Redefining Retirement: The Benefits of Freelancing After 60

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It is never too late to freelance. 


Erik Stettler, Chief Economist at Toptal, makes the case for a gradual workforce exit. In the article, Redefining Retirement (2022), he presents freelancing as “a viable bridge between career and full retirement”. 

At Ferovalo, we could not agree more.  

It is no secret that C-level executives require certain wisdom acquired through experience. Thus, late-career freelancers are excellent candidates to fill gaps in company leadership. According to Stettler, many organizations are missing out on the value that older workers bring. Companies should consider late-career freelancers when building positions and recruiting talent.


Freelancing not only benefits companies but the expert executives themselves. 


Stettler outlines the financial effects of freelancing in the United States and emphasizes its benefits for people later in life. Financial benefits include higher payments from US Social Security and more investment income.  

Although the retirement and welfare systems differ between the US and the Nordics, late-career freelancing poses an appealing option across the board. With a consistent increase in Finland’s average retirement age, freelancing can provide Finns with more income and flexibility in the last stretch of their career— allowing them to spend more time at the summer cottage, with loved ones, and exploring their hobbies. 


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