Membership Benefits

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Ferovalo has already more than 900 members and we have negotiated to you member benefits that you can use in your business and private needs. Benefit codes are sent to our members in newsletter and during the spring 2020 all benefits will be listed in our platform.

Forenom is providing home like accommodation:

This -5% discount is valid until year end and in all Forenom locations (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) for reservations max. 30 days.
Reservation and more:

Spaces office space offers one free trial day for brand new Spaces Tripla in Pasila.
Spaces Tripla is located at Mall of Tripla at 6th floor of Workery West Tour.


Elixia sport club is giving to Ferovalo members- 15% discount to 12 months membership.


During spring 2020 we will have all benefits in our system.
If you have suggestions about interesting benefit, please let us know.