In times of turbulence, take part or full-time help to clear chaos

Sun Tzu quote


Ferovalo has more than 900 independent freelancer consultants ready to help your in times of turbulence and even in chaos. By taking someone part-time helps your teams’ pressure. Interim Manager helps you analyze what is needed to be done and roll-up his/her sleeves and gets things done independently or with your team.

Here is some ideas how Ferovalo’s customers have been using help by independent freelancers. Let us match right help to you!


An Interim Manager can be brought in to improve recruitment processes. Depending on the size of companies there is a difference how competence is acquired and retained, channels, techniques etc. A new situation can call for a quick reorganization of processes and tasks. An outside view of the situation is an asset when implementing sensitive plans or inventing new schemes.


When a crisis hits it will take the full effort of the top management and communications. This situation can be eased by an experienced right hand person to handle the day to day crisis communications internally and externally. An extra pair of hands can manage the situation hands on and relieve the strain on your team. SMB’s that do not have a dedicated communications person but need it from time to time, can use an Interim Manager in strategic communications and marketing efforts to get results and things done quickly and efficiently.


When your team needs a fresh, new kind of thinking to kickstart your re-branding, product launches, new marketing initiatives, digital marketing or social media, an Interim Manager can bring that altered perspective to get things going. Any overhaul of your organization, goals or marketing tools benefits from a fresh perspective on things and out-of-the-box thinking. An outsider can bring in new ideas and practices.

#Sales / Customer Experience

Sales and Customer Experience often requires an outside perspective. Building a market or keeping sales going in times of change requires expertise and more resources than you have available in your organization. Building or focusing on a new market segment is always a lot of work where broader and deeper experience may be needed. Fresh customer insight needs data and novel ideas. Get help, get the tools you need, get the expertise, part or full time to manage your sales.


In times of turbulences it is crucial to be able to forecast and anticipate future as clearly as possible. In order for the top management to make the right decisions they need the correct numbers and analysis. For this an Interim Manager, part or full time, will be able to provide a better night’s sleep to shareholders and top management.

IPO’s and new investors or other financial transactions often need an impartial professional to support the existing team. International growth brings new challenges to your financial department. Mergers and Acquisitions need always an extra focus and dedicated resources organization.


In IT there is a long tradition of using outside experts on projects and development. Among Ferovalo’s independent freelancers there is a lot of expertise in IT and projects. An outsider with a clear understanding of the concept and the aims without prior ties to the organization brings added value. An Interim Manager is not a consultant but a dedicated member of your team and takes part in decision-making:

Rolling out new systems and applications need expertise not readily available. Finance and IT are often intertwined and often need a broader view of the system. Pre-procurement assignments, advising the organization in purchasing and tendering require someone with experience.  Understanding Digitalization on the organizational level benefits the whole organization.