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John F. Kennedy

We are now in situation none of has seen before, this has been repeated often last days. And it is very much so, and still we attend to compare the situation for what we have faced before. This is not like in 90’s when trade with Russian collapsed in Finland after Soviet Union disappeared, and not like in more recent finance crisis resulted by Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. The first was dramatic for Finland and latter hit more finance industry and was more severe for larger companies.

There has also been a lot of discussion past days will this current crisis be in shape of V, W, U or L.

I would say all of these, depending the organisation. And in some cases this is time of growth for some companies, many of those are suppliers to health sector and others are businesses related to sift of remote work. In global economic level most likely U or depending how virus mutates W.

Regardless what is your company situation – seek for help.

If you are small business owner and your finance situation is catastrophic, seek help from many who offering helping hand free.

In businesses where situation increases work for managerial level due to increase need of issues dealing with finance, business control, IT, HR etc. – Seek help also!

Take on board (remotely) part- or full-time strategic level help who can deliver results very independently and supports you over the panic.

Ferovalo has already more than 900 independent talents and with our match making we can find to you help super fast. Our selection process is without cost.

I strongly believe that most of us that suffer the situation will survive this either in V or U shape, but we will work and do things differently in the future. I also believe that those companies that are now busy to serve new customers will remain in growth curve when now finding new ways of doing things and building strong customer relationships.

You may send you need by filling in the form below, or just contact on phone or email.

Stay Strong!

Let our talented experts help you!

Br, Elina