RESULTS: Freelancing and the Future of Work from Remote to Beyond

PDF of Final Report of Global Freelancing

The research reported here was conducted during a unique and unexpected period in our history, the COVID-19 pandemic. It will report on different projects related to freelancing and remote work, as well as the relationships between the two. The first project reported here is the Global Study on Freelancing conducted by Dr. Jon Younger of the Agile Talent Collaborative and Gerald Cupchik, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. In 2020, they initiated the study of freelancing by combining Jon’s expertise and outreach to freelancing platforms and Gerald’s just completed study on the impact of COVID-19 on university students. The survey blended materials from the COVID-19 project and original questions, developed by Jon, that were related to different aspects of freelancing, such as satisfaction and how respondents judged their own talents and dispositions compared with others. They are thankful to the CEOs of 78 platforms around the world who contributed financially to support the project and to the 1885 respondents who completed the survey between March and July of 2021.

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Listen to the first of two discussions by:

Professor Gerald Cupchik, PhD
Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto Scarborough

George Klemp, PhD
Partner, Cambria Consulting & Senior Consultant
Spencer Stuart Leadership Advisory Services

Clara Rebello
Research Assistant, University of Toronto Scarborough