Ferovalo is focused on interim management solutions. We are experts in this field and are committed to bringing together the needs of our customers with the best interim executives and their expertise. Our operations are guided by our principles: transparency and effective communication with our customers and executives. When all the cards are laid open and there is no hidden costs or agenda, decisions are easy. Ferovalo is where you will find the most comprehensive group of experienced executives in all fields at your service. Ferovalo takes pride in knowing its customers and executives.

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Ferovalo Oy is located in Innovation House in Otaniemi.

Tekniikantie 2, 02150 Espoo

Elina Liehu  +358 40 564 7441

Our email addresses are: firstname.lastname@ferovalo.com or im@ferovalo.com


Elina Liehu, MBA

Elina Liehu acquired the interim management services of Taplow Finland Oy in May, 2016 and these services continue at Ferovalo Oy, a company owned by her.

Elina Liehu has ten years’ experience in personnel services. She served as the managing director of eWork Finland, part of the Nordic firm concentrated on IT expert staffing services, and grew the company’s turnover from 0 to 30 million Euros in Finland. During her time the parent company was listed on the Stockholm Exchange.

A strong background in sales and excellent networking skills make Elina someone who makes things happen.


Otto Aalto

Otto is an experienced manager, communicator and organizer. His advice is based in the real world and understanding the way people act. He helps Ferovalo with communications and strategy.

“Every word and every act communicates who you are and how others see you.”

Petri Kämäräinen

Petri has over a quarter of a century of experience in business development and technological solutions. He brings his experience in consulting and digital strategies to Ferovalo. He bases his views and advice firmly on his experience of best practices across several industries.

“You are never alone. We can do it.”

Tina Nyfors

Tina has extensive background in international and Finnish executive functions. She brings both her business development and board work experience to Ferovalo.

Pauliina Sievänen

Pauliina is interested in marketing and customer care, especially service journey. She helps Ferovalo with marketing.

Pekka Sundelin

Pekka is professional in ICT leadership and management. He has worked several years in multinational ICT environment. He helps Ferovalo with ICT, project management and strategy.

Ville Mykkänen

Ville has several years of experience in accounting and financial services. He is also an entrepreneur and helps Ferovalo with financial information and business strategy.

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Memberships on different associations & Reliable Partner

Ferovalo is member of different associations in order to network across different industries.
Ferovalo is a registered Reliable Partner of Vastuu Group.

Finnish Venture Capital Association

The Finnish Venture Capital Association is the industry body and public policy advocate for the venture capital and private equity investors in Finland. Ferovalo is associate member of FVCA.

Finnish Swedish Chamber of Commerce

FINSVE is active chamber of commerce and its' mission is to increase export from Finland to Sweden.

British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland

The B3CF is committed to building, strengthening and sustaining business between Finland the United Kingdom and the rest of The Commonwealth since its establishment in 2008.

The Finnish Software and E-business Association

The Finnish Software and E-business Association is the only Finnish association in its field that actively offers high standard trainings, quality seminars, and interesting networking opportunities to its members.

Registered Reliable Partner

Ferovalo is a registered Reliable Partner of Vastuu Group, previously tilaajavastuu.fi.

This means that Ferovalo fulfills all the requirements of the Contractor’s Obligations Act. The act requires the following documentation:

Documentation and information required by Section 5 of the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out (1233/2006) including without limitation:

(i) an account of whether the enterprise is entered in the Prepayment Register in compliance with the Act on Prepayment of Tax (1118/1996) and the Employer Register, and is registered as VAT-liable in the Value Added Tax Register in compliance with the Value Added Tax Act (1501/1993);

(ii) an extract from the Trade Register;

(iii) a certificate of tax payment or of tax debt, or an account that a payment plan has been made regarding a tax debt;

(iv) certificates of pension insurances taken out and of pension insurance premiums paid, or an account that a payment agreement on outstanding pension insurance premiums has been made; and

(v) an account of the collective agreement or the principal terms of employment applicable to the work.