Ferovalo wishes to celebrate its birthday supporting hobby for children

As we also know Ferovalo is turning 5 this summer. As a tradition, this year also we would like to celebrate with kids from SOS Children’s Village Finland. No child should be left without a hobby due to the family’s financial situation.     

The hobby support Unelmista totta (‘Dreams Come True’) is a part of the preventive work of SOS Children’s Villages Finland, aiming to increase the well-being of children living in challenging conditions. The economic inequality of families is especially manifested in the leisure inequality of children. The goal is to prevent the inequality and exclusion of children by enabling each child to have one pleasant hobby. With the help of a regular hobby, we can support the growth of the child’s identity, knowledge, physical condition, and social skills, as well as mental well-being.   

We hope that as a birthday present for the five-year-old Ferovalo you would join us donating a hobby for a child! Together we will make the children’s dreams come true! 

Donate SOS Children Village Finland site here!   https://www.unelmista.fi/donor-home?utm_source=ferovalo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=unelmista_k2021