Ferovalo Blind Date

Are you bored with virtual meets? Are you tired of online networking?  

Now you can see something you’ve been dreaming of seeing for so long. Break routines and wake up to a new day full of tingling anticipation of future experiences. 

 It feels like the freedom you can only experience while meeting a fellow member or a friend in person. Now, with no restriction, it’s time to celebrate with coffee lunch or drink with real people. 

Ferovalo Launches its networking community event exclusive for our members. It’s indeed a pleasure to mention that we received multiple applications and were able to form 7 pairs for the date. This activity not only gives our community members a chance to network but, also gives an opportunity to cross-pollinate. As a community, we believe in encouraging members to help and support each other. 

The brave hearts of our community did sign up this time. We are confident with more and more members will be joining Blind Date in the coming years.