Experts leading the way out of crises

Newspool: Asiantuntija ohjaa ulos kriiseistä

Article in English:

The utilisation of freelance expertise is a rapidly growing industry. An increasing number of experts with specific specialisation are selling their expertise and helping companies as their temporary partners.


The need for additional expertise might occur in a company at a critical moment, and the company might not have anticipated its actual needs before running into them. The growth of an organisation to the next development level, or projects that are especially demanding or temporarily require specific expertise, can cause a sudden crisis for the company, with no clear way out.

In large organisations, the final information on the areas of concern might not be available, even if the organisation has in-house executive and specialist expertise. The resources of small- and medium-sized companies are often limited, and expertise is often required to support the executive team and the implementation of different development projects.

Today, an increasing number of experts and executives of specialist fields with extensive experience are selling their expertise through their own enterprises. They help companies in different situations, either part- or full time. Entrepreneurship presents an attractive option for experts who have gathered experience in working life and are looking for work in challenging, temporary projects.

“Freelance experts looking for temporary projects to work with want to help their customer companies, carry out demanding projects and succeed in the related challenges where titles are irrelevant,” Managing Director and Founder of Ferovalo Oy Elina Liehu explains.

Process yields results
Ferovalo unites experts and customers searching for specific expertise and executive support. Around 1,200 experts interested in helping new customers have registered their information on the skills platform created by the company. In the service, the needs of the customer are recorded on the skills platform where the experts interested in different tasks can find the information and apply for the projects.

“Ferovalo checks the references of each applicant and verifies their professional competence before matching the customer and the expert. With the help of the platform, we can find several candidates for any type of task in just a few days”.

Liehu emphasises that an expert found through Ferovalo becomes a member of the customer company’s team. The intention is not to outsource the company’s tasks. The expert spends a predetermined amount of time working in the organisation and remains available to support the team after the end of the project, if necessary.

“The threshold is low for trying Ferovalo’s service. Starting the search process is free of charge for the customer, and the pricing of agreements is transparent. Expertise can also be bought in smaller batches, for example, for a few days per month, meaning that the service is a viable option for companies of all sizes.

Liehu emphasises that the right kind of expertise is often based on the compatibility of personalities, and trust is built afterwards.

“Our objective is to create a high-quality international community of freelance experts that offers different kinds of benefits to its members. Ferovalo’s global third party insurance is also valid throughout the assignments, protecting both the customer and the expert joining the new team. Since the pandemic, the skills gap has been a reality for many companies. This seems to increase their need to utilise freelance specialists as part of their expertise. When the entity is planned well, the customers in need of help and the right experts will always find each other,” says Liehu reassuringly.

Caption: Growth Hacker of Ferovalo Sharmili Ganguly and Managing Director Elina Liehu help companies and experts to find each other.