Interim Business Controller

Hannu Sivula, SVP, HR was happy to find overqualified seasoned Business Controller to work in unexpected situation where person in US left the company in short notice. He say that Interim Managers should be considered as an option more often than at present.

What were your needs?

We required a seasoned Business Controller to work closely with our CFO. In this role, analytical and development skills were required, and this reflected on the profile we were looking for.

What was the benefit for Suominen?

We were very happy with the speed with which the Interim Manager could start, as well as his skills and experience. In an anticipated recruitment the lead time can be much longer, and the acclimatization and training period can be more freely adjusted. In an interim solution we are looking for an overqualified and experienced candidate who can take control of the position on the fly.

Did you achieve what you set out to do?

We were happy. The immediate challenge was dealt with effectively and we bought ourselves time to find a permanent solution for the future.

How did the process start?

We had a key employee leave our company unexpectedly and we did not have an in-house successor to this position in place. In our organization, this function has usually been located in our US office. The shorter notice periods in the States caused us to find a replacement quickly. In our organization we were aware of Ferovalo and Elina Liehu and we contacted them. This put the process in motion.

From the point of view of HR, when should you consider an Interim Manager?

As a starting point, I would say that Interim Managers should be considered as an option more often than at present. In a variety of change, development and roll out situations you should consider Interim Management as an alternative much more often than now. A temporary or interim solution enables you to leverage your assets and use an overqualified solution – this is where Interim Management comes to its own. Crisis situations are another situation where using an Interim Manager is usually the number one choice.

What is the benefit for HR for using Interim Managers?

It is simply the experience, qualifications, speed, independence and flexibility.

Would you recommend Ferovalo to others?

Yes, definitely. Our cooperation has been very good.