Finalizing ERP Project


Modern skilled experts are highly mobile and quick on their feet but in many cases traditional corporate HR and recruiting has not followed suite. This results in shortages of skills and manpower which can, at worst, constrain your business. The megatrends at work are also quickening the pace needed to keep up with your competition.

Interim Management or expertise is an option in situations where it does not make sense to commit to a full time employee. A modern, agile organization often makes progress through a sequence of projects which each have a defined beginning and end. These projects often need specialized skills and experience which may not be readily available in-house and which would not make sense to retain full-time.In a transition an interim manager can also be a sparring partner and catalyst of change for a whole department or a single manager.

An interim manager or expert can be a full or part time resource. A part time interim manager can bring skills and expertise to a company that can or will not retain this know-how full time. This was the case with Lassila & Tikanoja, which needed an expert quickly in the financial management implementation of their new ERP-system.

”The process with Ferovalo was quick and easy. We had good candidates lined up in a few days’ time, which testifies to the effectiveness of Ferovalo’s network”, says Niklas Wasenius of Lassila & Tikanoja. ”The clearest benefits were the speed with which the candidates were found and their high quality as well as Ferovalo’s understanding of our needs and the kind of person we were looking for”, Wasenius continues. ”Petteri, whom we chose, has had a significant role in getting our new system up and running on schedule”, Wasenius thanks. ”I recommend Ferovalo to anyone who is in a hurry to get an expert to get over an unexpected situation”, Wasenius adds.

”This project was Ferovalo’s first undertaking with a listed company and an excellent example of how our service model works in a variety of situations”, says Elina Liehu, Founder and CEO of Ferovalo.