We at Ferovalo believe that one of the key factors to a company’s success is a competent board. This is why we have launched our service. We help you find the best possible candidates for your board from a broad field of competent candidates. Our mission is to make your company succeed.


Candidates will apply through Ferovalo’s system and we will present candidates to you. You will choose the candidates for the meetings and Ferovalo will book face to face meetings with selected candidates. Price 1800 € (VAT 0%)

Provide description of ideal candidate; company strategy, current board competencies, required competencies and compensation decided by annual meeting. The search can be anonymous.

Please contact: or +358 40 564 7441


The process can also be done by you. You provide the description of ideal candidate; company strategy, current competencies, required competencies, compensation decided by annual meeting. The candidates will contact you directly. This search cannot be anonymous. Price 300 € (VAT 0%)


We at Ferovalo can help you define your board’s competence needs.  We have experienced professionals at your disposal to help you define your needs and make a call for applications.


You can register as a member in Ferovalo’s system in absolute confidence. No one will know you have registered and it will always be your decision whether or not to apply for a position. When you register you can tell us about your expertise, which roles, sectors and locations might interest you.

When a new position is posted, you will be sent an email notification and you can decide if you would like to apply. Application will be through Ferovalo system or directly to the company depending on the client’s choice. We will not share, nor send out, any information about you to any third party without your express permission to do so via an application for a specific role. In case the customer request is anonymous, Ferovalo will provide an anonymous CV to the customer once you have submitted your data into our system.

We only present applicants to the customer if they have actively applied or shown interest in an assignment in our system. To receive info about assignments of Interim Management positions and/or board member positions you need to fill in your name, email and telephone AND select regions and your interest areas at the bottom.

Other profile information for creating additional CVs need to be filled when creating a specific CV for assignment you are interested in. You can have different CVs and download them in pdf-format in your needs. If you have any questions please contact us